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Practical Self Care for Intense Times

Practical Self-Care for Intense Times Parenthood is never a walk in the park. For those of us parenting children with special needs it’s more like a marathon. In the jungle. At night. We hit the wall often and hard. From the first time I found myself exhausted beyond recognition I’ve

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I am a Champion Form Filler-Outer

I AM A CHAMPION FORM FILLER-OUTER I have been filling out forms for our child with special health care needs for 24 years and I am very good at it. Here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned: 1. Start Early. There is always a deadline and

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School Communication

I often find myself wondering what my child actually does all day at school. Although I have his IEP right in front of me, it says very little about his daily interactions, activities, mood, etc. Charlie is now in the 2nd grade and he spends time in both the general

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Upcoming Blog

Family Voices of Minnesota is excited to announce that we will be launching a blog! Our goal is to share personal experiences, information, and resources that other parents of children and youth with special healthcare needs will find useful along their journeys. Check back for additional details and posts! Share

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