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I am a Champion Form Filler-Outer


I have been filling out forms for our child with special health care needs for 24 years and I am very good at it. Here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned:

1. Start Early. There is always a deadline and I have found it “takes it off my plate” and I do a better job on the form when I am not facing a looming deadline.

2. Make A Copy. Making a copy and doing a trial fill out works for me, especially when I have to gather information from several different sources, information changes from year to year, month to month.

3. Know how to log in quickly to gather additional information. I have set up Bookmarks for places where I need to get copies of my child’s information – how to access her bank statement quickly (it’s harder than you think!), current term life insurance data, income statements (very erratic for us), SSI proof of income, and other requested proofs.

4. Check your signature pages carefully. Who needs to sign? If you are a guardian or authorized representative, does your child still need to sign if 18+?

5. See #2. Fill your form out completely, sign and make a copy of all pages and any proofs you have attached. I keep this in a folder so next time I need to fill it out, I pull out the copy, know exactly what I reported last time and helps me stay on time and be consistent.

6. Send it to the proper agency on time. At times, I have had to hand deliver forms to the county to make the deadline. When I have done that, I ask that they date stamp the forms so it will be recorded when it was received.

There you go – now you TOO can be a Champion Form Filler-Outer. It’s been said – “Practice Makes Perfect” – and they’re right!

Written By: Rebecca Schlough, Training Coordinator

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