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Our Feet Rise and Fall Together

Contributor: Rebecca Schlough, Parent “Our Feet Rise and Fall Together”, that was the theme for the Special Olympics USA Games Seattle, 2018. The first week of July 2018, was the best EVER! Our daughter Chloe has been participating in Special Olympics sports since she was 9 –gymnastics, softball, swimming, bowling

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Communicating With the IEP Team

I would personally admit that one of the most complicated and challenging aspects of raising a child with special healthcare needs has been the transition to school. My son, Isaac started kindergarten this past fall. Not only was this a time of transition for our family, it was a very emotional

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7 Tips for Vision Writing

In the world of disabilities and planning I often think of “transition” as moving into adulthood. It starts at age 16 and ends at 22. But truthfully, transitions are constant in life. Those of us with young kids cannot mistake transition as a topic for a later date. It is imperative

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Finding Myself Through Self Care

SELF CARE.  Those two words haunt me everywhere I go.  My therapist, my doctor, my friends, everyone talks about self-care, but does anyone really do it?  What is it?  So, taking a half hour to read a book or chat with a friend or go for a walk is really

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