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Kelly Korpela

Parent Support Navigator, West Central Minnesota

Kelly is the mother of four wonderful children, some of whom have diagnoses which include: autism, sensory processing challenges, oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, and anxiety. She has experienced how difficult it is to “juggle” employment, appointments and the daily routine while trying to obtain resources in order to support her family. When her son was diagnosed with autism, she made the decision to become a stay at home parent so her son could receive in-home behavioral therapy. This also allowed her time to learn more about advocating for her children and really get involved in supporting other families going through similar situations.

She is a Partners in Policymaking (class 32) graduate, has attended many parent leadership trainings and workshops; she has volunteered as a support parent/note taker at IEP meetings for other families. She stays involved in her local schools Parent Advisory Committee meetings and is part of the county Human Services Advisory Committee.

Kelly has learned to step outside her comfort zone, ask questions and be a voice in order to help the next family traveling down this path. What began as a very lonely and overwhelming time in her life has become one of the most positive and rewarding and it all began when she connected with others who “just got it.”