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Volunteer to Become a Support Parent

We are always in need of parents and family members with lived experience to join our volunteer network. As a Volunteer Support Parent (VSP), you are a mentor whose gift is your time, personal experience, and emotional support. You provide one-to-one support, usually over the phone, to another parent/caregiver experiencing a new diagnosis, mid-journey challenges, or perhaps feelings of isolation.

When you become a VSP, you play a key role in the life of another family.  By being a good listener about a family’s goals and concerns, and sharing your knowledge and experience, another family can start to thrive!

Family Voices of MN is the home of Minnesota’s Parent to Parent (P2P) network. Parent volunteers complete a training based on research-based best practices that are endorsed by Parent to Parent USA.

We’re driven to ensure no parent feels alone. Ever.

For more information about joining our volunteer network and upcoming trainings, please connect with Program Coordinator, Terri Boettcher.