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On-Demand Webinars

Keeping Students Safe and Physically Present In School: An Overview of the Latest Gudiance and Evidence on Return to School for Children

(recorded August 12, 2021)

Using the Charting the Lifecourse™ Trajectory Tool

(recorded June 2021)

911 For Families Raising Children with Disabilities: Preparing for Interactions with First Responders & Law Enforcement

(recorded June 2021)

Relationships, Boundaries & Sexuality: Workshop for Parents of Children with Disabilites

(recorded January 2021)

At Home With Kids During COVID-19

(recorded May 2020)

Emergency Planning for Families

(recorded May 2019)

The History of Disability in Minnesota

(recorded April 2020)

Early Intensive Developmental and Behavioral Intervention (EIDBI) Benefit

(recorded April 2020)

Medical Coverage Options in MN: Understanding MA, MA-TEFRA, Waivers

(recorded March 2020)

An Overview of Social Services for Children with Disabilities: Medical Assistance, Waivers, and Other Programs

An Introduction to Journaling for Self-Care

Connection: From Diagnosis to Discovery to Hope

(Part 1 of 2: Webinar Series for the New Parent Advocate)

Navigating Systems: Tips & Tools for the New Parent Advocate

(Part 2 of 2: Webinar Series for the New Parent Advocate)

Special Needs Planning: Financial Management Options

(Part 1 of 2: Webinar Series on Special Needs Planning)

Special Needs Planning: Guardianship & Conservatorship

(Part 2 of 2: Webinar Series about Special Needs Planning)

Care Mapping: An Essential Tool in Communicating with Your Child’s Healthcare Team

Family-Centered Care: True Partnership in Healthcare

Families of Children and Youth with Disabilities Improving Quality: Serving on Committees

IEP: You Have an Equal Voice

The Elusive Inclusive Education From Early Childhood Through High School: Practical Tips for the Parent Advocate

Transition: School Age to Adulthood

Parenting Siblings of Children with Special Needs

Partnering with Providers: Tips and Tools for Navigating Various Clinic Appointments and Providers