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Archived Webinars

Webinar Series for New Parent Advocates
Part I: Connection: From Diagnosis to Discovery to Hope

When your child is diagnosed with a special health care need or disability it can feel like the ground shifts beneath you. Sometimes there is no formal diagnosis but we know something is “not quite right”. This Family Voices of MN / CONNECTED parent panel webinar will help parents new to complex health care needs feel less alone. Parent panel members will share their stories of discovery, grief and how they found hope in peer support. Find your tribe!

Emergency Planning for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

How can we be proactive in planning for acute illness and emergencies for our children and youth with special health care needs? Learn how to partner with providers to build a contingency plan and complete an Emergency Information Form (EIF). Build strong communication between doctors and clinics to streamline care in emergency situations.

Thriving Through the Holidays: Honoring Your Family’s Unique Needs During the Hectic Season

Our Parent Panel discusses tips and tricks for thriving in the holiday season when you have a child with disabilities or special health care needs.  From disrupted schedules, crowded gatherings, to well-meaning extended family; our parent panel talks about a variety of ways to make the busy holiday season work for your unique family.

Election Results, Impacts and the Upcoming Legislative Session
How can families of children and youth with special healthcare needs impact policy? Family Voices of MN and The Arc Minnesota are excited to partner on this webinar on the upcoming legislative session. Alicia Munson, Public Policy Director for The Arc Minnesota will cover election results, implications and topics being addressed during the legislative session. Use the following link to view this webinar:

An Overview of Social Services for Children with Disabilities: Medical Assistance, Waivers, and Other Programs
Please join us as Attorney Bud Rosenfield from Disability Law Center presents information about Medical Assistance and Waiver programs in Minnesota for children who have disabilities and/or special health care needs. Bud will present the basics about the Medical Assistance program, the types of Waiver programs available in Minnesota and how to access them.
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Care Mapping: An Essential Tool in Communicating with Your Child’s Healthcare Team
Coordinating care for your child with special healthcare needs can be a full time job. There are often multiple medical and educational appointments and meetings to juggle, as well as completing all of the necessary paperwork. Additionally, parents typically have other responsibilities such as work, finances, other children and their own health and well-being. Using a tool called “Care Mapping” you can better understand how to balance all of your responsibilities AND improve communication with your child’s healthcare and education teams. In doing so, parents often find that members of their child’s teams are able to assist with these responsibilities.
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Family Centered Care: True Partnership in Healthcare
Here is an archived webinar for parents and caregivers of children and youth with special healthcare needs on the topic of Patient and Family Centered Care. This webinar will provide you with key information and tools to help you truly partner with your child’s healthcare team keeping the patient and his/her family at the center of care. Use the following link to view this webinar:

Families of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs and Disabilities Improving Quality: Serving on Committees
Did you know that advisory councils exist in your local public school district and at many medical facilities and specialty clinics? According to research family representation on decision-making groups leads to positive outcomes. Join our webinar and discover why your voice is important in improving systems of care for CYSHCN; ideas about where to find committee opportunities and how to be a valued team member in improving quality.
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IEP – You Have an Equal Voice
This webinar will define and empower families in their role as a true leader with the IEP team and IEP meetings. Tips and tools will be shared about setting an agenda, staying on task and getting the IEP to truly reflect the goals and objectives for your child through good communication.
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The Elusive Inclusive Education From Early Childhood Through High School: Practical Tips for the Parent Advocate
Are you struggling to attain true inclusion for your child in the school setting? Do you feel pushed by the system into agreeing to segregation yet believe it is not the best setting for your child? Are you just starting your educational advocacy journey and want to know more about what inclusion looks like? Join two parent advocates for this lunch hour webinar where we’ll discuss inclusion from Early Childhood through High School. You’ll learn practical tips for defining and advocating for inclusion throughout the educational planning process and beyond.
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Transition: School Age to Adulthood
Join LeeAnn Mateffy, OTR from Courage Kenney for this informative webinar on transition services for school age children with special health care needs moving into adulthood. We will learn about a wide variety of services including driving, behavioral, independent living, recreation, post-secondary schooling and housing. LeeAnn has 32 years experience working with children and young adults in a therapy and school setting.
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Parenting Siblings of Children with Special Needs
How are children impacted when a sibling has special needs? How can parents support siblings and strengthen the sibling bond? Join us for this valuable webinar and get tips for discussions between sibling and parent. Learn how children benefit from having a sibling with special needs. We’ll discuss common family concerns along with strategies and resources for strengthening the family.
Presenter, Lori Brown-De Alba, MA, LMFT of Fraser has eight years experience working as a clinician with autism spectrum disorders and siblings. Lori is mom to two kiddos, one of which has the attribute of autism.
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Partnering with Providers: Tips and Tools for Navigating Various Clinic Appointments and Providers
Learn from other parents about helpful strategies to develop true partnerships with your child’s providers, improve communication, get your questions answered at the clinic, develop care plans, and so much more.
This webinar will include three handouts with tips and tools for families.
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