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Recent Webinars

Surviving the Holidays Webinar: Parent Panel

Parents of children with a variety of special health needs and disabilities hosted a discussion on surviving holiday stress. From changed routines, traveling and family dynamics the holidays can be an intense time for families. Learn how to put your family’s unique needs first this season.

Introduction to Journaling for Self-Care

Grab pen and paper and learn how writing can help you grow and cope.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to the concept of journaling for personal growth and self-care. Instruction on three effective journaling techniques and discussing the various situations in which they may be used for self-care will be provided. Participants will be given the opportunity to try these techniques in short writing segments during the webinar. Questions and discussion from the audience are welcome.

This webinar was be led by Brenda Hudson, a certified journal facilitator and writing teacher. Brenda has been teaching expressive writing for six years and uses journaling as a way of holding sacred space for her own experience as a special needs mom.

Beginning in July 2019, join Brenda and other parents of children with special health care needs to practice these journaling techniques in a private, virtual group. Sharing is encouraged but not required.

Webinar Series: Special Needs Planning

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” ~Alan Lakein

Part I: Understanding Special Needs Accounts

Planning for the financial security of our children and youth with special health care needs can be daunting. When should we start? What options are best? Will our choices impact our child’s ability to qualify for government assistance?

Join Family Voices of MN as we learn about the uses and limits of ABLE accounts, Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts. Learn how these accounts can work together. Presenter, Scott Stevens, is owner, attorney and counselor at Stevens Law, PLLC and father of a youth with special health care needs.
Look for Part 2 of this series coming soon. Guardianship & Conservatorship

Part II: Guardianship & Conservatorship

Archived (Wednesday, May 29, 2019)

Long before our children with special health care needs reach adulthood many of us worry for their future. Will they need someone to make important decisions for them? Who will handle the financial aspects of living if they cannot? Estate Planning Attorney, Scott Stevens, brings us another informative webinar on special needs planning. Scott, who is a father to a youth with a disability, sheds light on guardianship and conservatorship. This webinar is for families with children of all ages who have special health care needs.

Webinar Series for New Parent Advocates

Part I: Connection: From Diagnosis to Discovery to Hope

When your child is diagnosed with a special health care need or disability it can feel like the ground shifts beneath you. Sometimes there is no formal diagnosis but we know something is “not quite right”. This Family Voices of MN / CONNECTED parent panel webinar will help parents new to complex health care needs feel less alone. Parent panel members will share their stories of discovery, grief and how they found hope in peer support. Find your tribe!

Part II: Learning to Navigate Systems: Practical Tools and Information for the New Parent Advocate.

Veteran parents will discuss how to find providers and reliable information. They will share important tools to assist with preparing for appointments, keeping and sharing information. This webinar is great for families new to having a child or youth with special health care needs. It is also useful as a reminder for all families. Volunteers and professionals will find the parent perspective and tools useful in their work with families. Join us!

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