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2023 Virtual Family Conference

Recorded 6/7/2023 | Session Slides PDF | Conference Feedback Form

Moving from Parent to Advocate: Navigating a New Diagnosis

Plenary Session with Allysa Ware, PHD, MSW and Nikki Montgomery, MA, MED from Family Voices National

Obtaining a new diagnosis for your child can feel overwhelming and challenging. What is your new role? How do you meet their needs in a system that seems hard to navigate? How do you partner with your child’s medical team to ensure that they understand your child and their needs? Join us for a session focused on moving from parent to advocate to address the needs of your child after a diagnosis.

Recorded 6/7/23 | PDF of Session Slides | Conference Feedback Form

Additional Resources: Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) Information | Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Checklist

Parent Advocacy in the School Setting

With Laura Isenor, Staff Attorney with the Southern MN Regional Legal Services Education Law Advocacy Project

Parent Advocacy in Schools will help parents understand their child’s educational rights, with a focus on special education rights. This training will provide parents with advocacy tips, dispute resolution options, and education case examples to help make this area of law more understandable.

Recorded 6/8/23 | PDF of Session Slides | Conference Feedback Form

Charting the Lifecourse Tools for Healthy Living

With Jane St John from the LifeCourse Nexus Team at University of Missouri Kansas City Institute for Human Development

Living a healthy life and keeping your body in good working order can take some planning and effort. The Healthy Living LifeCourse tools will help you have the conversations, explore your vision, and plan experiences and supports to achieve your healthy life.


Health Team Tool | Today’s Healthcare Visit | Healthy Living Portfolio | Healthy Living Support Options | Decision Making Supports | Vision Tool Family Perspective


Recorded 6/8/23 | PDF of Session Slides | Conference Feedback Form

Utilizing Disability Hub My Vault, Planning Activities, Tools and More

With Jack Gordon and Khadra Jimale from the Disability Hub

We will discuss what services the Hub can provide, as well as explain how the Hub can support you in your role. We will demonstrate how to use MyVault, request benefit look ups, Hub tools, try-its and activities.