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Charting the LifeCourse™

Charting the LifeCourse is designed to be used for your own life, for your family members, or in the work you do.

The framework and tools will help you

  • organize your ideas, vision, and goals
  • problem-solve, navigate
  • advocate for supports
  • People are advocating for the supports they need to accomplish their goals.
  • Parents are setting higher expectations for their children.
  • Students are learning how life experiences impact their career goals.
  • Families are exploring the services and supports they need.
  • Parents, siblings, and family members are able to share their ideas, hopes, and fears for the future.
  • Case-managers are using in planning meetings.
  • Teachers are improving social skills at school, at home, and in the community.
  • Information and Referral staff are exploring the future with aging parents.
  • Employment specialists are enhancing discovery and exploration that support career planning.
  • Options counselors are providing anticipatory guidance and educating about life possibilities.
  • Leaders are transforming organizations.

Using the Integrated Supports Star From Charting the LifeCourse

On Demand Webinar (recorded 2/28/2024)

The Integrated Supports Star helps us think about how to support people and families. In this webinar, recorded 2/28/24,  learn how to use the Star to map out what supports someone already has, solve problems, and plan for the future.

Presented by: Jamie O’Conner, Certified Charting the LifeCourse Ambassador, Presenter and Good Life Group Facilitator who is also raising a child who has a disability.


Charting the LifeCourse in Practice in MN

MN Connect Session Recordings

The MN Connect Leadership Team is a group of state and community collaborators with an aim to help all MN children and youth with disabilities and extra needs achieve their best life.

Using Charting the LifeCourse to Facilitate a Successful Transition into Adulthood


(recorded 3/14/2023)

Family and Professional Partnerships in IEP Development

Keeping the Student at the Heart of the IEP Using Charting the LifeCourse

(recorded 1/19/2023)

Try Charting the LifeCourse Tools for Your Family

Integrated Supports Star

Identify the supports that your family member is using now, and think about other supports that might be helpful. The right supports can help ensure their quality of life. Using various supports in combination can help them achieve their vision of a good life.

Life Trajectory Tool

Create a vision for your family member’s good life. The Trajectory Planning Tool highlights the past life experiences that are leading or moving your family member away from their vision and then provide space for current goals and things to avoid moving forward.

Person-Centered Portfolio

The Charting the LifeCoure Portfolio is designed as a booklet printed on 11×17 paper. It includes the CtLC Trajectory tool on the inside and the Integrated Supports Star on the back. It provides a cover sheet with information about the person.

Person Centered Portfolio for Planning:
Includes the Trajectory Planning Tool that highlights the past life experiences that are leading or moving you away from your vision and then provides space for current goals and things to avoid moving forward.

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